One of the aims of the project was to gather information about the decision-making processes within which the content of public health benefit baskets is determined. On this basis, we wanted to analyse potential relationships between the institutional structure of these decision-making processes and decision outcomes.

Within the past years, we have collected information about various institutional characteristics of those decision-making processes, including information on the institutional design of decision-making bodies, as well as general information about the public health care systems of OECD-countries.

On, we present our data collection. The website provides more or less detailed information for all OECD countries concerning:

  • decision-making processes in health care priority-setting and the definition of benefit baskets in different areas such as drugs, medical services and medical devices;
  • institutional design of bodies (agencies, commissions) involved in decision-making: their composition, tasks & competences, institutional affiliation, quorum & vote, transparency & publicity, and assessment criteria;
  • services and goods covered in the respective public health care system, including links to positive lists and benefit catalogues;
  • fees and co-payments for different service areas in the respective health care system;
  • organisation, provision and financing of public health care systems and health care system type;
  • further literature and links to relevant laws and regulations.